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Located in Port Huron and Lexington, Blue Water Eye Care Associates, P.C. has provided ophthalmology care within our community for over 23 years. We treat and perform surgery on the eye, as we specialize in providing compassionate, comprehensive eye exams for adults and children. In addition, we treat macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. We provide diabetic eye treatment, retinal evaluation, and fluorescein angiography, and also correct strabismus and ptosis ("droopy eyelids"). Additional treatments include SLT laser for glaucoma patients, ectropion and entropion repair, dilation, irrigation, and probe of blocked tear duct(s).

If any changes or abnormalities are detected within the eye, we will develop an individualized treatment plan based on your individual medical condition. Our treatment may include a prescription for eyeglasses, medication, laser therapy, vision therapy, eye vitamins, vision supplements, or surgery for more serious conditions.

Most insurance plans are accepted for treatment, special testing, and surgery at our practice. We participate with:

BLUE CROSS OF MICHIGAN PPO PLANS:  Medicare Plus Blue, Blue Cross Physician Choice, State of Michigan, Federal Blue Cross

HMO PLANS (includes Auto Active and Retirees):  Blue Care Network, BCN Advantage, BCN PCP Focus Network, Lake Huron Community Hospital, Dow Chemical Quad Med, Trinity Health PPO (Tier 2), Trinity Health HMO (Tier 2), Metro Health BC Plans, Student Health Services, BC Premier PPO

BCBSM HMO PLANS THROUCH BCN: Blue Preferred HMO, Blue Cross Select HMO

MARKET PLACE POLICIES:  Gold, Silver Bronze, Value

Aetna, Aetna Medicare, Cigna PPO, Health Alliance Plan (not in Henry Ford Network), HAP Senior (Not in Henry Ford Network), Alliance Health, McLaren HMO, McLaren Advantage, McLaren Marketplace Policy, Medicare, Railroad Medicare, Priority Health, Priority Health Medicare, United Health Care, United Health Care Medicare

WE DO NOT PARTICIPATE WITH: Blue Cross Trust Programs, Blue Cross Medicaid Program (Healthy Children, Complete) or Any Medicaid Program

The majority of our outpatient surgical procedures are performed at the Lakeshore Surgical Center in Fort Gratiot.

The doctor and staff of Bluewater Eyecare Associates, P.C. are dedicated to helping our patients maintain and improve their vision through the latest technology and treatment regimens. We look forward to seeing you.